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Zayn Malik slept on just a mattress for six months when he first moved to LA

Zayn Malik slept on just a mattress for six months when he first moved to LA

Zayn Malik is one of the world’s most famous popstars thanks to his time in One Direction and his relationship with Gigi Hadid.

So you would imagine that the 24-year-old’s house would be decked out with enough luxury from the get-go that it would be worthy of a Cribs episode.

(Yes, we really miss Cribs.)

But it turns out that when Zayn first moved to Los Angeles, he was basically living like a scruffy student.


The Pillowtalk singer has confessed that when he first moved to LA, he slept on just a mattress for six months.

No four poster bed, no Egyptian cotton sheets, nothing.

In a video posted to Vogue’s YouTube channel, Zayn said: ‘When I first moved in, I was staying here on a mattress for about six months. I didn’t really want to do anything to it because I just liked the way it felt.


‘Like [it was] minimalistic, and simple, there was nothing really to hold on to. And I’d just moved out of my London pad which had a lot of stuff in it.’

And it wasn’t just Zayn’s sleeping arrangements that were low-key.


Discussing his plans for his wall decoration, he said: ‘What I initially thought was, I’m going to put some posters in frames, I’m going to paint them. . . . I never ended up doing that.

‘I thought I’d stick just the posters straight on the wall and do like a collage, and it was meant to be like a little collage originally, and then I did the entire wall. And then I just kind of went from there, I didn’t really have anything in the house except for this massive collaged wall.’


Now, Zayn has decked out his own studio with a comic book theme, with the room full of comic posters, Deadpool masks and even a Slinky from Toy Story toy.

Perhaps the coolest feature is a coffee table which contains all of Zayn’s childhood Beano comics.

Super cute.

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