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‘Dreamy girl!’: Taylor Swift returns to Instagram after two-month break to praise Selena Gomez’s new sultry song Fetish

‘Dreamy girl!’: Taylor Swift returns to Instagram after two-month break to praise Selena Gomez’s new sultry song Fetish

Taylor Swift is back on Instagram after not posing for two months.

The blonde Wildest Dreams hitmaker shared a sweet note for her longtime friend Selena Gomez to congratulate her on her new song Fetish.

‘Sultry pop magic from this dreamy almost-birthday-girl,’ the blonde wrote in her caption. Gomez will turn 25-years-old on July 22

The last time Taylor took to Instagram was in May when she supported the band HAIM on their new release.

Selena released her highly anticipated new single Fetish on Thursday morning.


The camera maintains focus on the lower half of her face throughout the entire video showing off her lips covered in gloss.

Her perfectly manicured nails and hands also make an appearance as she touches her month throughout most of the video.

The pop star sings the sexy lyrics, beginning: ‘Take it or leave it / Baby, take it or leave it / But I know you won’t leave it/ Cause I know that you need it,’

‘Look in the mirror / But now look in the mirror /Baby I see it clearer / But you want to be nearer/ I’m not surprised / I sympathize / I can’t deny / Your appetite / You got a fetish for my love / I push you out and you come right back,’ she continues in the flirty tune.


Gucci Mane does his rap sequence almost near the end of the song, acting as the man with the fetish toward her:

‘The way you walk, the way you talk / I blame you ’cause it’s all your fault,’ he raps. ‘Ya playin’ hard, don’t turn me off / Ya acting hard, but I know you soft’

Selena confirmed last Friday that her new single will be titled Fetish as she shared three new photos to Instagram.

She has been sharing little sneak peeks of what is assumed to be the full video for the single, which has not yet been released.


The singer teased a few more shots from the video on Instagram, including  blurry photo with her peeking out on the left side.

She also posted another shot, presumably from the video, of a large table covered in long candles and unfinished wine glasses.

Her new single comes after she a great run with the smash hits It Ain’t Me and Bad Liar.

In more images the siren posted last week, she is posing in a yellow dress with the sun blazing behind her.

She looks lost and as if she has just cried, promising the tune will not be up tempo.


In another image she is standing on a street with the song title stamped on top. It was added the song will also feature Gucci Mane.

On Thursday the brunette beauty shared three photos to Instagram that made up one collage where she was sitting on a suburban street in a yellow dress.

The caption in each photo read ‘Fetish’ which was the tease for the new song.

In one of the images, her beau The Weeknd, who she has been linked to since January, hits the like button.

Fans of the new song have commented that the singer’s new sound has definitely been influenced by her new beau.

Gomez can be seen sitting on the street with her hands on her head as if she’s trying to put her hair behind her ears.

She is stone faced as she is flanked by a white plastic bag and a brown paper bag.

The pop sensation looks like she’s a teen runaway with no hope.

On the side is a car that looks like it’s been in an accident. There is smoke everywhere.

Her new music has had a teen angst tone and touched on the subjects of alcoholism and cheating.

Fans have linked her lyrics to her split from Justin Bieber and subsequent stay in rehab in 2016.

The former Disney star seems to be on much better footing since her days of heartbreak from Bieber.

The siren has looked incredible at events like May’s Met Gala and has turned out impressive videos to go with It Ain’t Me and Bad Liar.

Her next film project is Transylvania 3 with Adam Sandler.

She plays Mavis, the daughter Dracula. Her character surprises her dad with a family voyage on a luxury Monster Cruise Ship so he can take a vacation from providing everyone else’s vacation at the hotel.

The animated film is due out in July 2018