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Daniel Radcliffe is not just a hero in movies but in real life too

Daniel Radcliffe is not just a hero in movies but in real life too

Celebrities have a hard time going about unrecognized but that didn’t matter to Daniel Radcliffe as he stopped to help a mugging victim.

Daniel Radcliffe continues to be the hero we all know and love. Recently, it’s not just his heroic acts on screen that have gotten noticed. Apparently the Harry Potter star took to the aid of a mugging victim to help out.

Those who were there were apparently very awed by Daniel’s act. Why? Because most people in his position, especially in London, wouldn’t have stepped out and done something like that. Sources say he consoled the victim and identified himself when asked.

Now here’s the thing about the whole situation: it just shows how amazing this cast continues to be. Most celebrities would either stop and leave once recognized or not stop at all. But Daniel didn’t care, he wanted to make sure the victim was okay and would do whatever was necessary.

It makes you proud to be a fan of his. For me, I personally only love actors I know are good people. They do charity work and there are stories like this out there. So for Daniel Radcliffe, who is arguably one of the most famous faces around, to stop and make sure this tourist was perfectly okay, despite everything, shows us just how good a person our Harry is.

But are we really surprised? Daniel Radcliffe has always been a scholar among men and continues to show himself as such.

Honestly, it is just nice to know that the actors we grew up with are turning out to be generally amazing people. From Emma Watson’s book mission and Rupert Grint’s ice truck, the Golden Trio is pretty much the best around. We love them and hope they continue to do amazing things!


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