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Zayn Malik Desperate To Defend Gigi Hadid After Racist Accusations

Don’t mess with my girl! Zayn Malik can’t stand to see Gigi Hadid hurting over the racist accusations made against her, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned. Zayn is ‘desperate to defend her,’ but there’s a reason the model wants him to ignore all the nay-sayers.

Gigi Hadid, 22, has been facing serious backlash after a controversial video of herself resurfaced from earlier this year, where she imitates a small Buddha doll by squinting for the camera. Gigi is totally heartbroken since she feels it was taken out of context and her beau Zayn Malik, 24, also sees how incredibly devastated she is by the misunderstanding, but he’s biting his tongue — for now. “Zayn is furious people are accusing Gigi of being racist,” a source close to the supermodel tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “He’s begging her to let him go on a Twitter rant defending her but she’s asked him to stay quiet for now. She doesn’t want him feeding the trolls.” See

“She’s getting everyone’s advice on how to handle this and most people are telling her to just ignore it and let it die down,” our insider close to the model shared. The drama reached new heights when Chinese fans started demanding that she should be removed from the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which will be held in Shanghai. “Anyone that knows her knows she doesn’t have a racist bone in her body,” another insider revealed. “She’s distraught over this, she’s been crying a lot because she feels like no matter what she says, she can’t change these people’s minds and that really hurts.”

Gigi later took to social media to apologize for hurting anyone’s feelings in a heartfelt personal letter shared on Aug. 30. “It saddens me that people were hurt because someone else created a story line of what happened there,” she wrote via Twitter. “All I can do to prove myself is to show people who I am. I spent time in China right before and had a great time, and I show & have nothing but appreciation and respect to my Asian fans! I hope people can judge me from their own experience of me and realize that others can twist anything on social media to make a scenario where there really wasn’t one.”

Zayn Malik Desperate To Defend Gigi Hadid After Racist Accusations

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