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The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again & canceling all her events

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The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again & canceling all her events

Ha, all of us were like “Us Weekly doesn’t have any scoop” last week. Us Weekly got the last laugh! Honestly, it was as predictable as Totally ‘80s secretary styling on the Duchess of Cambridge: Kate is pregnant! Just in time to get out of becoming a full-time royal!!! It’s truly a magical time to be a duchess. Literally, this week was supposed to be the beginning of William and Kate really buckling down and picking up more royal work. Kate HAD to get pregnant!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a third child, Kensington Palace has announced. The announcement was made as the duchess was forced to cancel an engagement on Monday because of extreme morning sickness, or hyperemesis gravidarum.

In a statement, Kensington Palace said: “Their royal highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their third child. The Queen and members of both families are delighted with the news. As with her previous two pregnancies, the duchess is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. Her royal highness will no longer carry out her planned engagement at the Hornsey Road children’s centre in London today. The duchess is being cared for at Kensington Palace.”

[From The Guardian]

Going from memory, Kate’s hyperemesis gravidarum wasn’t that bad with her second pregnancy – Kate managed to keep up some semblance of a schedule well into her third trimester, and reportedly the pregnancy and labor with Charlotte was very easy compared to the first pregnancy. It could just be that Kate gets sick as a dog in the first trimester but feels a lot better in the later months. Anyway… everyone said that she was the one who wanted a third kid (and that William did not). I think she scheduled it perfectly, in Waity-Time. She now has a perfect excuse to not even bother with that whole “full time royal” business. How tedious!


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