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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ‘spending millions’ to get £15m LA home ready in time for birth of third child in December

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The Sun

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ‘spending millions’ to get £15m LA home ready in time for birth of third child in December

The showbiz couple are spending loads of cash to make sure the eight bedroom mansion they bought three years ago is in a suitable condition to live in when baby number three arrives next month

KIM Kardashian and Kanye West are in a massive rush to get renovations on their £15m house finished in time for the birth of their third child in December.

The couple bought the house in Hidden Hills, California, back in August 2014 from Lisa Marie Presley – but have never lived in it. Instead, they’ve been constantly doing renovations to improve it.

But now, The Sun Online can reveal, it’s a race against time to get it finished in time for the birth of their third child – due by surrogate – in December.

“The Hidden Hills house has turned into the most ridiculous project – and it’s cost so much,” a Kardashian insider tells The Sun Online.

“The renovation and design of the Hidden Hills was Kanye’s big showpiece project – he wanted it to be another one of his masterpieces, but three years on Kim has put her foot down and given a one month deadline to the interior design team as she wants to start 2018 living in the house as a new family.

“Ideally they would be in for the holidays, but she doesn’t want to ruin Christmas by putting that pressure on the situation.

“Kanye ordered marble from Italy and it’s taken the supplier ages to fulfil the order. And he keeps changing his mind on details. And there’s this super-rare wood coming over from Brazil too.

“Each room must be perfect before the next one can be started, and that was slowing things down a lot. There’s a warehouse of furniture sitting there waiting – it’s things like not being able to decide which wall art goes on because the light isn’t right, things like that. One piece has been repositioned over a dozen times.

“Costs on the project have overrun by millions. Of course, she’s happy to pay out to make the house incredibly secure after the Paris robbery. But she’s over the delays now – she just wants to move in.

The eight bedroom, ten bathroom mansion was originally made over just after the couple bought it in August 2014 – but Kanye reportedly changed his mind and the house was ripped apart to start again.

A second set of work was started, but Kanye kept making changes – and the work dragged on.

When Drake rapped about how he had a nicer swimming pool than Kanye on the track Summer Sixteen – saying “Now I got a bigger pool than ‘Ye” – in 2016, another round of work started on the house, delaying the move in date again.

In January last year, Keeping Up With The Kardashians viewers saw Kim offer her mum Kris “one million dollars” to source “calcutta gold marble for Kanye’s bathroom” because it was so hard to find.

Earlier this year, People reported that the couple and their children would be moving into the house in May – but this hasn’t happened either.

While all of the work was being done, Kanye, Kim and the couple’s children North and Saint were staying with Kim’s momager Kris Jenner nearby.

Being interviewed by Jennifer Lawrence yesterday, Kim said she hoped they’d be in their new house “soon”.

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