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Did Angelina Jolie Snub Margot Robbie Over Brad Pitt Romance Rumors? She Still ‘Holds A Grudge’

Did Angelina Jolie Snub Margot Robbie Over Brad Pitt Romance Rumors? She Still ‘Holds A Grudge’

Whoa! A new report has surfaced that Angelina Jolie recently gave Margot Robbie the cold shoulder over some steamy Brad Pitt rumors! Here’s all the juicy details!

Just because the odds of Brad Pitt, 53, and Angelina Jolie getting back together at the moment aren’t exactly good doesn’t mean the stunning actress is thrilled with the prospect of her hunky ex dating again! We’re even hearing that the 42-year-old stunner snubbed another actress Brad had reportedly been eyeing in the past — Margot Robbie, 27! The incident supposedly happened at the Hollywood Film Awards on Nov. 5. Margot is said to have approached Angie for a friendly hello but the Oscar-winner was having none of it! Head here to take a look back at Angelina and Brad’s relationship!

When the Suicide Squad stunner tried to get Angelina’s attention, she “curtly replied, ‘I know who you are’ and turned her back on Margot,” according to In Touch! Wow! How terrifying! Unsurprisingly, Margot “looked shocked” afterwards. So why exactly would Angelina react that way? Fans will remember that Brad starred alongside Margot in the 2015 film The Big Short. In fact, Brad produced it and, according to the mag’s insider, his then-spouse wasn’t too keen on him casting the Australian beauty! “Rumors swirled about Brad crushing on Margot and that Angelina had tried to stop Brad from casting Margot in the film.”

Although the latest rumors are about Brad romancing 21-year-old actress Ella Purnell, their source added that Angelina still harbors some resentment for Margot for supposedly catching her ex’s eye back when. “It was clear from Angelina’s reaction to Margot that she still holds a grudge.” Our heart goes to out to whomever Brad decides to date publicly next! Not only is Angie a tough act to follow, we’re betting her cold shoulder will have you digging out your winter wear!

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