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The anthrax-scare is being investigated as a racist hate crime against Meghan Markle

The anthrax-scare is being investigated as a racist hate crime against Meghan Markle

Yesterday, we learned that Meghan Markle had been targeted in some kind of anthrax-scare plot. Someone sent a package containing white powder to Kensington Palace. The package was intercepted and it never reached Meghan or Prince Harry. I actually gave the sender a moment of doubt – I thought it was possible that Meghan and Harry were both being targeted, that it possibly an anti-monarchy or anti-government thing. But no. It was directed at Meghan and there was a racist note involved:

Police say they are treating as a racist hate crime a letter containing white powder sent to Meghan Markle, which sparked an anthrax scare. The letter was received this month at St James’s Palace in central London. The powder inside was found to be harmless after being examined by experts.

It is understood the package contained a racist note and was received on 12 February. In a statement, Scotland Yard said: “Officers are also investigating an allegation of malicious communications, which relates to the same package, and it is being treated as a racist hate crime.”

The force added: “The matter is being investigated by officers from the Met’s counter-terrorism command.”

[From The Guardian]

God this sucks. I pointed out yesterday that the British dailies have been extra-crazy with the entrance of Meghan on the scene, and that there seems to be a lot of pearl-clutching and not-so-subtle racist dog-whistling in the British media. They’ve fueled this, and they really need to take it down SEVERAL notches. British security expert Robert Jobson spoke to Us Weekly about how Meghan and Harry are probably going to have increased security from here on out:

Royal officials are now taking the necessary precautions to protect the engaged pair. “Meghan is just a lovely woman who wants to marry the man she loves, she’s hurting no one,” British security expert Robert Jobson exclusively told Us Weekly on Thursday. “This will have an impact on security to just make them more aware that there could be a threat.”

Robson also explained how Markle’s security team will backtrack in an effort to prevent future threats. “These things to happen and have happened, there’s a reason that there’s an extra layer of security regarding letters and things sent to the royal family,” he noted. “Her security could be looking into the crowds for this one person who is possibly targeting her, being more careful about her in public and likely go back and review any public statements she’s made as of late to see if there could have been a trigger. But most likely this person is just sick.”

[From Us Weekly]

It’s my hope that Meghan doesn’t allow these a–holes to limit her or her role. I know it’s scary and awful, but I hope she just continues living and doing what she’s been doing and doesn’t take the advice of “we need you to keep a lower profile now.” Thankfully, soon after the the anthrax-letter news came out, Meghan and Harry’s office confirmed that they will be attending a joint event with William and Kate next Wednesday. The Cambridges, Meghan and Harry will be launching the first annual Royal Foundation Forum. So we’ll probably be getting some additional photos of Kate and Meghan together. Something to look forward to.

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