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Sleb Safari: Khloé Kardashian’s baby shower theme was go pink or go home

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Sleb Safari: Khloé Kardashian’s baby shower theme was go pink or go home

ANOTHER Monday, another example of Kardashian kraziness.

This time it’s Khloé Kardashian and the pink humdinger of a baby shower she threw ahead of her daughter’s arrival.

There were arches made of pink balloons, walls of pink flowers, a pink neon sign that read ‘Baby Thompson’, guests wore pink, the plates were pink, the cutlery was pink and chances are the steak was also served pink.

Her baby shower was sponsored by Amazon because Khloé couldn’t have afforded it otherwise. And FYI Kardashian fans, she’s registered her baby gift list exclusively with Amazon.

Truth be told, instead of turning her baby’s birth into a business opportunity she’d have been better partnering with an organisation that helps struggling mums. Instead of buying gifts for a millionaire and her baby, Khloé’s friends could have donated money or bought items from an Amazon gift list which would be distributed to mums in actual, proper need.

Rather than do that, Khloé has chosen items she really, truly needs – such as a $495 air purifier.

If you’re reading this and thinking you’re a terrible parent because you’ve been using the window in your baby’s bedroom as an air purifier there’s not much Sleb Safari can do for you. You’ll have to answer to your child when it grows up happy and healthy.

Also on there is a lounger for infants which retails at $175, a $305 breast pump, $650 crib and $350 mattress as well as a $65 owl night light and a $31 box of wet wipes. Prettttty sure she could have sprung for those wet wipes herself. It’s the baby gift list equivalent of putting shower gel on your House of Fraser wedding list.

Most importantly, Khloé has added a Kindle to the wish list, which even an infant knows is the most essential bit of kit in the changing bag.

The good news is that there’s a $10 bath toy and Sleb Safari has already bought it before any other tight-wad could move on it.

The only thing missing was a pink unicorn but Kris Jenner is likely paying a team of scientists handsomely to genetically engineer one in time for the baby’s first birthday.

Khloé is very excited about her baby’s arrival.

“I am so looking forward to the routine of winding my daughter down with a warm bath and getting cozy for bedtime.”

But what’s the baby going to do when you’re in the bath Khloé?

Days before the baby shower Kris took Khloé shopping and spent thousands on nice things for the nursery so between that shopping trip and the Amazon deliveries that are about to start piling up on Khloé’s doorstep this baby is going to be well looked after.

Hey, they’re the Kardashians and fans would be disappointed if Khloé didn’t have a solid gold potty, velvet wet wipes and a team of baby chefs on standby to serve up organic, vegan mush to the new arrival.

It just wouldn’t be kricket.

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