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Wendy Williams Paid Kim Kardashian …….

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Wendy Williams Paid Kim Kardashian A Compliment, And The Savagely Back-Handed Her

Wendy Williams is the queen of shade. Even when she says nice things they often involve some sort snide.

That’s what happened recently when the show host brought up the topic of Kim Kardashian on her program. Wendy, as opposed to most, thinks Kim is doing a positive thing by visiting Donald Trump in the White House and talking to him about prison reform.

But, (you knew this was coming) Williams also says that Kardashian is doing it because she believes her homelife isn’t ideal.

Wendy Williams


HOT TOPICS: Kim Kardashian went to the White House yesterday to discuss prison reform. She’s trying to get the president to pardon a 63 year old first time drug offender sentenced to life in prison named Alice Marie Johnson. Keep watching: 

“You know what? Here’s my thing,” began Wendy. “She wants prison reform and that’s what she’s there for. She has 100 million followers on social media. I hate to say it, but her voice is more influential, apparently, than a lot of politicians out here trying to do the one two shuffle.

“I think Kim is bored with her money and unsatisfied with her marriage,” she continued as the crowd gasped. “You come here to hear it straight, right? But better than prison reform, why don’t you do something closer to home, do something for mental health. I’m not laughing about that, I’m serious.”


Leave it to Wendy Williams to scorch something other than the obvious issue on hand: Kim Kardashian is the one speaking on behalf of prison reform!



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